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Solar panels? I’m sure you have heard of them? maybe even used them? you may even be an expert or like myself and absolute rookie when it comes to solar, but something I’m sure we all know is it is one hell of a great invention!


With there being so many competing companies it can be a bit of a head ache trying to find a product that it right for you. Recently on a 3-week road trip around Tasmania we took a Redarc 90w Solar Panel and put it to the test.


Firstly, I must admit that I was a little optimistic about the 90watts compacity/size, with concerns about if it would be big enough panel for our needs. But like in many cases I was wrong. The 90w combined with our manager30 provided more than enough power throughout the daylight hours to keep both the 65L fridge and 40L freezer running, whilst also giving the batteries more charge.


Another aspect of the Redarc Panel that really stood out to us was the sheer toughness of the panel. Our panel spent its travelling hours in the back of our vehicle bouncing around between boxes of camping gear, and as if that wasn’t enough tough loving the panel also received a few good drops and knocks during unpacking and fumbling around for other gear. Even after a tough introduction to life the panel remained undamaged and most importantly fully operational.


Now when I said I have little knowledge of understanding electricity and power I was not joking. You might as well start talking about intergalactic travel, but luckily the Redarc 90w panel has been designed so well that anyone can easily set it up and be producing their own green power in a matter of 5 minutes.


Another bonus of going with the 90w was that the dimensions of the actual panel are small enough that it packs away nicely without taking up too much room whilst also being rather light weight which is a great bonus. Especially if you’re going to be setting up and then packing up regularly.


The Redarc panels also come with a carry bag. These bags are well designed with plenty of padding to protect the panel during transit.

Overall the Redarc 90w Solar Panel was an absolute winner for us. Its proved its worth well and truly and has changed my opinion on smaller solar panels. The 90w Panel combined with the Manager30 kept our batteries topped and added the peace of mind that we could stay in remote places longer knowing that we can keep our accessories running and our batteries topped.


Summit 2 Sea Adventures.