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Pebbly Beach

Easter Camp Trip 2018 - Pebbly Beach, NSW.

Pebbly Beach on the North Coast of New South Wales, WOW what a special hidden gem this campsite is!

Pebbly Beach is situated within the Yuraygir National Park which is about 50km north of Coffs Harbour. We left from our home on the Sunshine Coast, QLD and the journey took us around 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Arranging your camping permit is done once you get to the campsites. Ranger Rob comes through daily to check on new campers and collect money. Ranger Rob, what an absolute legend of a guy! He has so much passion for his job and it really shines through when talking to him. Multiple times throughout the day Ranger Rob drives through the campsites to check everyone is having a great time, selling bags of ice and just to have a chat. He is a top bloke!

One thing to have in mind is that Pebbly Beach campsite can only be reached at low tide. There is a saltwater estuary to cross before entering the campgrounds. Being that we were travelling over the crazy Easter weekend, we had two options; travel down on Good Friday and battle the traffic to arrive for the low tide at 2pm or do what we do best and travel throughout Thursday night to get the low tide at 2am Friday morning! Of course us being the adventure type and always up for a challenge, we chose the middle of the night crossing. The thought of tackling new tracks and a creek crossing excited us, and hey that's what adventures are all about right!?

We were lucky enough to be travelling with a small convoy of who we met up with before the long winding track to the beach. This is a bumpy track that leads to the first beach crossing to Pebbly. Just before the beach entrance there is enough space to pull over and let the tyres down. Once on the beach it is only about a 15 minute drive to the creek crossing.

We arrived about half an hour after low tide, once there we did the sensible and safe thing, jumped out of the cars and walked the crossing to check the depth and what was under foot. This was mostly small pebbles mixed with sand. The depth varied from waist deep to ankle deep but after spending a short time walking the creek we found a line to take which would keep us in ankle depth the entire way. Once across the creek you make your way up one last sand dune that has been layered with timbers by the local park rangers. From there the campsites are scattered throughout the bay of the National Park.

We set up camp and looked forward to waking up in just a few hours to see what Pebbly Beach had to offer! We woke up to the beaming sunshine to start our Good Friday morning. We crawled out of our Darche Swag to find that the beautiful beach was nestled as a bay in-between two headlands.

That morning it was made clear to us just how Pebbly Beach got its 'oh so creative' name, the whole shoreline is made up of tiny pebbles that really are not comfortable to walk on when heading for a swim!

We explored the bay and walked to each headland to explore and check out the amazing views from up the top.  Our weekend involved lots of fishing along the beach and also walking back to the creek crossing which was very lively filled with all sorts of fish and large crabs. If you are looking for fresh bait, head to the creek on low tide and pump for yabbies, they are everywhere there!

By night we would set up our fire and sit around and enjoy the clear skies, star gazing and toasting marshmallows with a hot chocolate in hand. 

Cooking our Mediterranean inspired damper!

Keep in mind there is one set of self composting toilets at the campground, but other than that you do need to be self sufficient- BYO water and power. We had our REDARC solar panel set up everyday and this kept us powered whilst running 1 x fridge, 1 x freezer, keeping the car charged, our light set up, keeping our cameras charged! Without this solar power we would not have been able to keep all of our accessories charged for the 4 days. 

Monday was time to head home, again we had to wait for the low tide to be able to cross the crossing - this was around 4pm Monday afternoon. We packed up camp Monday morning and spent the day surfing and taking in the sunshine. By the afternoon we were able to cross the creek and make our journey back home to the Sunshine Coast. 

Now some things to keep in mind when travelling to Pebbly Beach:

- Crossing through the creek only advisable at low tide

- You must have a fishing permit to fish here visit www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-recreational-fishing-licence to arrange your permit before you travel.

- BYO all your drinking water, food and supplies, the nearest shop/servo is a good 45min-1hr trip away. The ranger on site does have ice for purchase.

- Take a pair of cheap rock shoes to save your feet on the pebbles.

- Walk the creek before crossing!

We can definitely say that we will be back to Pebbly Beach in no time!

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