For us one of the most important and useful upgrades which we have done to our touring vehicle is our 12 volt setup. Having a reliable 12 volt system allows you to travel between remote places for longer periods of time with the comfort of knowing that your system will keep everything running such as fridges and freezers without any dramas.

On our larger camping adventures our 12 volt system runs 1 x 65litre fridge, 1 x 45litre fridge/freezer, LED lighting, multiple accessory ports and a Redarc 1000watt pure sine wave inverter. Of course not all items are going to be drawing constant power or in use, but both the fridge and freezer are always running, and without a reliable system keeping your food and beverages cold you could easily find yourself heading back to the nearest town well before you planned.

Manager 30 Remote Monitor

Our system is comprised of two main items, these being 2 x 100AMP/HR Lead Crystal Batteries and the real show stealer is Redarc's 'Manager30' Battery management System. The Manager 30 is in a class of its own when it comes to battery management systems. We have now been running The Manager 30 in our vehicle for 18months and not once has it missed a beat or let us down. Redarc's Manager30 is packed with many great features, some of which are far to technical for me to understand but sure sounds good.

The backbone of our 12 volt setup (The Manager30)

The manager 30 is designed to charge your auxiliary battery from multiple sources simultaneously, such as Solar, Mains or DC vehicle power when on the move. The Mnager30 also allows you to get maximum amount of power from your portable solar panels with its in built Maximum Power Point Tracking solar regulator. But for me one of the best features is the user friendly Remote Monitor which allows you to customise how your battery is charged and monitor where the charge is coming from along with monitoring usage and charge status. The Manager30 is designed to work with AGM, Gel, Calcium content, VRLA, Standard Lead Acid and LiFePO4 batteries.

After putting Redarc's Manager30 through its paces over the last 18months I can confidently say that I wouldn’t go with any other battery management system for our adventures.

Liam & Nikki Summit 2 Sea Adventures

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