Wether your exploring new areas, fishing new waters, hiking new mountains, mowing the lawn or just relaxing on the beach one thing that you will just about always have on you outdoors is a pair of sunnies, and if you don’t you bloody should! Not only does good pair sunnies look rad but they will protect your eyes from the harmful rays which that big burning ball in the sky emits onto our earth.


But of course not all sunnies are the same nor are they all as effective or built the same. Over the last 3 months we have been using the Spotters brand of sunglasses on our adventures and have been testing them to see how they match up to what our needs are.


The very first thing we noticed about the Spotters Sunglasses is just how lightweight and comfortable they are. Now of course comfort-ability will depend on your choice of style but a great thing about Spotters is that they offer a large selection of sizes with their sunnies and even have the easy online search where you just need to pick if you have a big melon, medium or small and they show the range of sunnies which are best fit for that size at your fingertips.


Not only are the Spotters lightweight, they are also well built and offer a large range of lenses to suit everyone's needs. This is covered in depth on their website as to which lens is best for each circumstance.



So far we have tested our Spotters in a range of different locations and adventures.

When out on the boat fishing these sunnies have been amazing. Not only are they comfortable to wear all day long without giving headaches, but they provide amazing clarity, great glare protection and of course awesome photos. When using the Spotters while driving I was actually very surprised at how much better they were for long drives than my previous sunnies. The Spotters reduced fatigue in my eyes and provided excellent protection from the glare of the sun and of course so comfortable that you soon forget that you are even wearing them.


To sum up, we have not been able to fault the Spotters sunnies throughout our adventures and they have quickly become our must have when headed outdoors for any of trips. I think the biggest and best asset is the lightweight tough construction, making them ideal for the adventurous type.

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